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No regrets
Danville Park Girls' High School demostrate why joining Water Explorer was a good decision!
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Students from Danville Park

Danville Park Girls’ High School joined the Water Explorer programme as, “It looked like a really exciting programme,” said teacher Fiona Mann, “and provided the chance for the whole school and teachers to be involved.”

Since then, they have enthusiastically embraced Water Explorer.  The girls have pledged to save water, visited the mangroves, established a vegetable garden and made water pumps.  As if there was no limit to their talents, one class also made up a rap about water which was sung to the whole school as part of a skit on Secret Water.

Fun activities aside, Water Explorer has proved to be a valuable learning aid for the students. 

“They have realised that water is a precious resource not to be taken for granted so it is important to live sustainably. They have also learned that lots of water is used to make products and to grow food – much more than they ever would have imagined,” explained Mrs Mann.

The highly visual nature of the online reservoir, which is rejuvenated as more and more challenges are completed, added extra appeal for the school.  It was also tremendously helpful that the programme was very easy to follow for teachers, requiring very little input from them.   

Six months on from starting Water Explorer, Mrs Mann feels that the programme has been an effective way of engaging pupils in sustainability and water conservation issues.  Asked if she would recommend Water Explorer to other teachers, her answer is very clear.  “Most definitely.”

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