Case Study
Paper Saving Boxes
Students in Starnberg tackle the hidden water in paper
Theme: Creativity
A beautifully decorated paper saving box

Students from the Montessori School in Starnberg were concerned about the amount of water hidden in the paper and paper products they used every day at school.  To find out more about the issue, they took the opportunity of an environmental project week to explore the mission area of Secret Water.

During their many creative activities on ‘thirsty paper’ they worked out an action plan to save and reuse school paper. In particular, they designed boxes made of old newspapers, decorated them and filled them with scrap paper to be used during classroom actions. Every class in school got offered one of these boxes to motivate the pupils to actively and easily reduce their paper usage.

They also worked out a list of ten reasons for saving paper and handed them out with the boxes to remind everyone of how important it is to care for trees, water and the environment.

The boxes were a huge success, gaining the team and their Water Explorer work lots of recognition and praise. 

Find out how to make your own paper saving box here!

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