Case Study
Global Connections
Linking international students in education through water saving
Theme: Quality Education

Team Papagio, from secondary school of Bergamo, show us how it is possible to ensure an inclusive and quality education between students from different countries through saving water.

 Team Papagio was composed by students from different countries, in particular form China, East Europe and Africa.

During the water explorer programme implementation the teacher decided to focus the activities in global water mission, not only to show students the importance of the global water issues, but also to encourage students to share their cultures with the rest of the class.

"The main reasons that convinced me to join the water explorer programme, was the fact that through the Global Water Mission, I could create a strong link between students form different countries and cultures." said teacher Cristina Tremaglia.

The teacher focused on the importance of water, trying to underline the diverse needs and inequality in different countries.

Each student showed the life style of their own country, the water resource issue and problems such as scarcity of drink water in certain areas, floods, the pollution of river systems, as well as the contamination of rivers and large dams.

These kind of activities not only have raised awareness on global water issues between students, but also have increased the friendship between cultures, decreasing prejudice and promoting a new way to build a more connected and equal education whilst ensuring a quality education for all.

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