Case Study
Scuola Primaria Comiziano
Il gruppo degli Splash, sebbene composto da studenti molto giovani di età, è riuscito a distinguersi attraverso le attività del progetto, nell'impegno nei confronti del risparmio idrico e nella capacità di sensibilizzazione
Theme: Tuffiamoci!
Scuola Primaria Comiziano

SPLASH team consisted of very young students (8 years old) that participated with enthusiasm and commitment in each activity carried out by the project.

They created posters and water games, made chemistry experiments, visited the local lake to discover, analyse and protect the freshwater’s species.

Creativity was their strength: they were the youngest team and they organized a theatre performance made by students and their families and a musical event where the whole local community participated. In addition, they asked the local community to bring water related food to the events, making the community aware of how precious and important water is.

As a result, water savings have been generated not only from challenges but also from their ability to involve people in different ways.

Through their actions, students made a significant impact both within the school community and in the local community.

“The project was implemented with enthusiasm! Through games and other activities the young students have demonstrated commitment and capacity to be more responsible regarding water issues” said teacher Mrs. Carmina Provvisiero

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