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Thirsty Paper
Posted by Chelsea Preparatory School, South Africa on 31 October 2015
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We adjusted this challenge slightly so that it could fit in with our natural science lessons. My class watched a YouTube clip on paper production and we also looked at the impact waste paper has on our environment. By recycling paper we not only reduce the amount of waste filling up our landfill sites, but we also reduce the need to grow exotic trees used to make paper, which use a lot more water than our indigenous trees. 

Our classroom has a paper recycling bin, which gets emptied into the Impact bin every week. We have tried to reduce the amount of paper we use and the children have learnt to maximise the use of their paper. Some learners would make a mistake and quickly throw their paper away without using the other side. Our classroom has a bonsai and his name is 'Bob the bush'. He sits by the paper to remind the children that when they waste, they could be hurting Bob. This has been really effective and the children now think about their consumption. 

Our school has a very successful recycling programme. We collect paper every week, which the recycling team weighs and adds up for the week. We announce the results each week via our blog and to encourage recycling, we have started an inter house competition. To see our results click on the following link Recycling Results

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