South Africa
Spinage Power
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 10 November 2015
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As seen by the excellent newsreel, Phumelelani School has been hard at work growing their own vegetables each grade is responsible for a bed and plants are grown from a seed. Despite challenges, no water and their faithful full time gardener passing away, the school has successfully manged to grow enough food to sell to the community to buy more seedlings. As part of their Eco-Schools special theme, soil, they have taken great measures to take care of their soil by mulching, building swales to catch and channel rainfall and are presently tending to 2 well designed compost heaps. Phumelela's primary concern lies with the welfare and welbeing of the children. Vegetables are taken home by needy children to supplement the family meal ensuring full bellies for a meaningful school day of learning

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