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Healthy Living- Our Permacultural Garden
Posted by Bambanani Primary School, South Africa on 17 November 2015
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Children Collect dung from their homes to make compost
Children Collect dung from their homes to make compost

Bambanani Primary School is involved in ECO programmes, we have entered in all themes since we are now working for achieve Platinum. One of our action project was Permaculture garden on theme “Healthy Living". Learners in Eco committee, Bambanani Primary School learners at large, educators in Eco committee and community members and non educators e.g. security, were all involved in doing this project. We started by making a compost, where we asked learners to bring kraal manure, twigs, and other materials that can be decayed. While we are waiting for the compost to be matured, we made seedbeds to germinate seedlings. Mbuso and Snethemba had joined Eskom expo for young scientists held at Ladysmith and in Pietermaritzburg to share their permacultural knowledge. After all these processes, we started to prepare our garden by making sways we learned in Phumelelani workshop and we transplanted our seeds in form of companion planting e.g. cabbage, add peas, chillies and beetroot in the compose that we have made as it was matured. Compost was used to avoid chemical fertilizers that ruined or damaged our soil and killed life in it. We encouraged learners to use grey water to water our veggies and to save water since we are also one of water our explorers. To avoid drainage of water on soil and plants mulching was done to prevent sun rays from absorbing water. Few pesticides were used to chase pests away. All what we have done was done under a lesson English and Life Skills to support our project. We have achieved the fertility of our soil and ways of enriching it for future used, certificates, library book, and awards saving a lot of money and water because we even opened an account after we have sold vegetables R300 to spend on more seedling. The problems that we encounter were that we don’t know to make a perfect compost and making different kinds of pesticides to kill other pests like worms, and to know which plants to grow on which seasons. What are we going to do next year is to google and contact our school co-ordinator Julia Colvin. Improve knowledge pest control – drought – didn’t expand project, failing to plant now October rain haven’t come.

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