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Community and Heritage-Water Festival
Posted by Bambanani Primary School, South Africa on 17 November 2015
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Mbuso and Silindokuhle delivering a speech about their research project on plastics
Mbuso and Silindokuhle delivering a speech about their research project on plastics

This year, we were fortunate enough to be awarded R4200 from the Water Explorer Program to hold a water Festival. This festival was intended to awareness within the community about the importance of water and way to conserve this precious resource. Members of the community, the Department of Water Affairs, the Municipality, the Department of Agriculture and the community councillor and chief were invited to attend our celebration. With the Water Explorer Program, being learner driven, we decided to give up the floor to all grades wishing to make their contribution to safeguarding there future. Some of the more noteworthy presentations included Mbuso Shabangu in grade 6 and Silindokuhle Dubazane, a grade 5 pupil. Both presentations spoke about the problem of plastic in our oceans and educated people about the importance of recycling. Did you know, for example, that one plastic bottles used the equivalent of 20 litres of water to product?
Zandile Tshabalala from grade 7 then gave an enlightening presentation of the environmental and ultimately social problems that prospective fracking for shale gas may cause. In this improvised area, unemployment is high, but Zandile warned the community not to be seduced by the promises of jobs, Fracking is a short term project providing only a few, highly skilled vacancies. If Fracking is allowed to go ahead, there is a good chance, our water and land may be poisoned by the harmful and sometimes radio-active chemicals used in this process.

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