South Africa
Dont Frack with our Future
Posted by Kwa-Miya Primary School, South Africa on 3 December 2015
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Ayanda holding up his petition
Ayanda holding up his petition

Grade 6 classes were treated to a Fracking presentation by Water Explorer Coordinator, Julia Colvin. For both the learners and the teachers, this was the first time that they had heard about the process. Fracturing or hydraulic fracking for natural gas under the ground uses insurmountable amounts of water, toxic chemicals and sand. All these natural resources are extremely scarce in South making fracting an unsustainable option for long term energy use. The class then discussed alternative green energy like wind and solar and how, if we wish to meet out GHG emission targets of 100% clean energy by 2050 ( as set in the COP negotiations, Fracking is not an option as it is still a fossil fuel, In the light of the recent application by Rhine Oil Gas for the right to prospect, the petition they signed has added a voice of protest against fracking.

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