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Healthy Living- Permacultural Garden
Posted by Montpelier Pre Primary, South Africa on 13 December 2015
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We’ve had to start getting creative with our garden as here too, the school has been doing some expansion building and it has changed our original garden area. This is not a big problem for us as we are still experimenting with what grows where, but it has made us have to tap in to our creative minds.
Firstly we came up with the “flower tower” which involved piling lots of pots on top of each other. This has not been as successful as we had hoped because it requires a constant source of water. But we have not given up, we will find a solution as visually and spatially it is a great idea.
Next came the “container garden”. This one is very happy and we love the water saving lids underneath. This seems to survive a little better than the tower, probably due to the extra soil available. Also it is transportable which means if it’s not happy we can move it around to find the best spot.
We have done our hairy caterpillars as well to watch our seeds grow.

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