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Posted by Phumelelani2016, South Africa on 30 March 2016
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We all take turns learning the use the clarity tube
We all take turns learning the use the clarity tube

Not having a river close by to test out the river monitoring citizen science tool, the grade 7 children were determined that they are not going to miss out and instead decided to visit the nearby Rosedale Farm dam where there was a little stream entering a small wetland flowing into the dam. Although the children saw lots of dragon Flies dancing on the water’s surface, there was an apparent lack of life within the water. This we decided was on the account of the relative lack of food and habitats provided in this dam. There were no rocks or reeds for macroinvertebrates to live and as a result we only saw low scoring worms, true flies and the occasional Minnow Mayfly giving the dam a score of 3.6 indicating a very poor condition. Phosphate and Nitrogen were 0.05 and o.2ppm respectively and there was a heavy infestation of Duck Weed, a classified alien and invasive aquatic plant. Interestingly although the water was of poor quality, the oxygen saturation was 99% and the PH of 8 was within a healthy range. The children just loved operating the turbidity tube and took the recoding of data very seriously

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