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Ancient Aquifers
Posted by Muntuza 2016, South Africa on 9 May 2016
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Grade 7 pupil test out their syringe pumps
Grade 7 pupil test out their syringe pumps

As always in the beginning of a Water Explorer Challenge, we reiterated the importance of water and ways in which we can make sure that every drop is counted!! Only 1% of the world waters is fresh water we use, and out of that, a whopping 30% of water lies in the deep pockets of the earth as underground aquifers. Using a jar filled with gravel and sand the children were better able to visualize the concepts of saturation and ground water recharge. We learnt that in many parts of the world, underground water is being pumped out at an alarming rate, without water underground to replenish the lakes and stream, man’s activities are tampering dangerously with the finely tuned water cycle. The lesson then got practical when learners were asked to make their own hand pumps using 2 syringes, 2 plastic balls as one way values and seriously heavy duty glue!! We then got to experiment with the hand pumps and now truly understood the mechanisms by which hand pumps work. I was amazed at how well this Water Explorer lesson integrated with the curriculum in the learning area of technology, social science and geography.

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