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A Waterless Future
Posted by Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa on 9 May 2016
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Joining the water Explorer program has offered a new and exciting aspect to our environmental work, and in this dry part of the world, in the grip of a devastating drought, this program couldn’t come at a better time. To kick start our mission, 40 enthusiastic Grade 6 and 7 children focused on water at a global perspective looking at how current practices of recklessly pumping out water from underground aquifers have left many countries in a serious water deficit. We then learnt about how different people across the world withdraw ground water and without access to expensive electric pumps, innovative systems like windmills, Archimedes screws, merry-go-round pumps and hand pumps have gained traction. For a technology lesson, learners made their own hand pumps using syringes and plastic balls as a one way value system and then were give recycled material to go home and create their own model pump!! Watch this space for more pictures from our clever Water Crusaders

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