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Helping to save water
Posted by Cowan House Preparatory School, South Africa on 22 June 2016

Helping to save water

Cowan House Pre-primary children have been collecting ‘grey’ water since the beginning of the term, bringing mainly bath water, in 2 litre bottles, to help water our trees and gardens. We have collected about 200 litres of water from our 5 classes, and we hope to continue our water-saving project throughout the year.

Grade R pupils have planted mini-gardens, using re-cycled milk bottles as plant holders, which have been hung along a wooden crate. Children have used their ‘grey’ water to water this area and the plants are flourishing. We tried growing beans from seed, but as soon as the leaves started shooting, the monkeys came along and ate them, leaving just the stems! Our next veggie project was planting peas in a pot, and so far they have survived, and we are hoping they bear fruit! The children have had great fun making compost and mulch for their plants. The mulch has kept the soil moist and only a sprinkling of grey water is needed.

Grade RRR children have a basin of water outside their classroom which they use to wash their hands. The grey water is used at the end of the day to water the grass in the area.

Grade RR children were asked to give tips on how to save water and came up with these ideas:

Do your washing in a bowl, then pour the water on your grass

Don’t have a bath – have a quick shower

Don’t use hosepipes, use watering cans

Collect rain water in Jo-Jo tanks

Put a plug in the basin when you wash your hands

Turn off all taps and mend the drips

We often hear little voices exclaiming over the day: “Soap your hands first, then rinse”, “You haven’t turned off the tap!”, “You’re using too much water!” and “Save every drop!”

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