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Our Water Festival - Water Wise Gardening
Posted by Hawkstone Primary School, South Africa on 28 June 2016
Saying a prayer for our garden and World Environment Day
Saying a prayer for our garden and World Environment Day

Learners were excited  -they presented to the smaller learners during assembly about the water explorer projects they have done over the last year or so. They described the water cycle and how to care and save water. They also demonstrated how to reuse water from washing plates. Our teacher Agrineth also presented on the Water cycle and reminded everyone about the water explorer Journey.

Bridget from Water Explorer reminded everyone that it was World Environment week too and that having a water festival was a good way to celebrate our water saving successes at school. She also described that we were going to do something good for the earth and plant a water wise garden.

Then the Grd4, 5, 6, 7 had a short lesson with Bridget and Lesle from the MMEP about water wise gardening and how planting a succulent garden will save water and promote biodiversity at the school.

The team was also reminded about the difference between alien invasive plants and indigenous plants and how indigenous save water and promote biodiversity. 

Then the whole school got involved in replanting the rockery with amazing varieties of succulents, from Grd r – 7 was wonderful to see this instant change! The older grades then went on to make labels for each plant out of old ice cream tubs.. All the plants were labelled and then watered with the grey water we had collected from washing our lunch plates that day. We finished by joining hands around our special garden and saying a prayer for it and for our mother earth on World Environment.  The next teacher Cath from School Music came and taught us water songs and sounds. And movement to the sounds of water with body precussions.

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