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Water Explorers rise to Grey Water Challenge
Posted by Bridget Ringdahl on 28 June 2016
Scottsville collected over 13 000litres!
Scottsville collected over 13 000litres!

Over 25 000litres of grey water were collected cumulatively by 8 Water Explorer Teams in the last term. That equates to around 5, 5000litre jojo tanks of fresh water saved!  A huge congratulations to all schools who participated. Scottsville primary came out tops collecting over half of this total - a whopping 13010litres. Carmen Cawood, the WE team coordinator of Scottsville said that it was a wonderful collaborative effort and the different classes actually became quite competitive,. "We awarded the top collecting classes a mystery prize. This effort has kept all of our school gardens alive and we have used some of the water for flushing." Mia Hortop of Manor Gardens Water Explorers said that she was so impressed with the response to their teams call to collect. A few of the Grd 7 boys would come to school with their kitbags full of 2 litre bottles! 

All WE teams completing this challenge and have documented their final collection volumes on the newsreel have been awarded 500 bonus points each. If your school has participated and we dont know about it.. let us know, its not too late. 

Lets see if we can keep this great momentum going... the drought is far from over!

WE teams completeing this challenge include: Scottsville , Manor Gardens, The Birches, Glenridge, Cowan House, Corrie Lynn; Nonhloweni 

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