South Africa
Fracking Debate
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 27 September 2016
Our "for" and "against" fracking teams debating
Our "for" and "against" fracking teams debating

The discussion became rather heated in our most recent Grade 6 Water Explorer challenge, The Fracking Dilemma. After a brief lesson on hydraulic fracturing, the class split into two teams, whereby an orderly debate began. Only the person holding the sealed cup filled with marbles, was allowed to speak, and so the debate began in a rather civil manner. However, it was not long before the "against fracking" team became infuriated at the lack of logical response or reason from the opposing team, regarding our fresh water source, eco-system, and health of our community. The teacher from our next door class actually came hurrying in, to see that we were okay! The level of noise had clearly become an indicator of how seriously negative the impacts of fracking can be, and how firmly we stand against the idea in the Midlands. Ultimately, team “anti-fracking” won, with the opposing team without anything sensible or viable to say! The class then began to use their artistic skills to release some of their frustrations regarding this dillema. We hope to complete and submit our art next term.

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