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Spot the Secret Water
Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 1 October 2016
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Our healthy vegetarian menus
Our healthy vegetarian menus

Our eager Grade 4’s have been busy again and they took up the Water Diet challenge. We discussed the meaning of secret water. The learners shared what their favourite food is and we thought about how much hidden water could be in their choice of food. The class were shown a news reel from another school and their findings about secret water. The facts were amazing especially how much water is used for meat. The class couldn't believe how many litres it took to make many products. We decided to create a menu that offered a healthy vegetarian alternative. Each learner made their own menu with starters, main course and dessert. Each menu included how many litres of water a dish used. The learner with the least amount of water used would be our challenge winner. 4H will be sharing their menus with the other Grade 4 classes and taking it home to their families.

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