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Pump it!
Posted by laddsworth primary school, South Africa on 18 November 2016
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A wonderful workshop with Julia! The Grade 4’s participated in the Pump it challenge. Two of our learners wrote about the challenge.

Today Julia came from Water Explorer so that we could do the Pump it Challenge. We learnt how to make our own hand pumps with syringes. We also learnt a new word called infiltration. It means that when water seeps in to the ground and becomes underground water. Julia showed us a way how to transfer water from one place to another. The item that she used called the Archimedes Screw. Julia showed us how quick it takes water to seep underground with rocks. When I made my pump I thought it was going to break but it actually worked. It was great fun doing it and poking the syringe with the poker.

Jono Werth

Today 4H worked with Julia from WESSA in a Water Explorer challenge. We learnt how water is collected in the ground at the very bottom of the ground rock. The water can’t flow through the rock so it stays there. If you had a jar of big rocks and a jar of sand the water would flow through the jar with the rocks quicker.

It was very interesting to see how the Archimedes Screw worked. We learnt that the word infiltration means the same as collection. I can’t believe that we actually were able to make our own pumps. We made our pumps out of two syringes, small balls, cut straws and glue. We also used candles, matches and a poker to melt holes in the plastic of the syringe. It was fun learning with Julia. I am proud to be a water warrior and make a difference to our polluted planet.

Savanna-Belle Fyvie

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