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Pump it up
Posted by Cowan House Preparatory School, South Africa on 30 November 2016
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Pump it Up

With the water explorer, Julia, we learnt about the water cycle and how water is recycled. We learnt about an aquifer and the layers of soil. From top to bottom it goes vegetation, soil then a finer sand to clear water then rock. The part which I enjoyed most was when we built the pumps. We built them only out of 2 syringes, a piece of string and 2 balls. I found the experience interesting and fun!


Water explora talk


On Monday the 14th of November the whole of grade 6 came up to the science lab to a talk on water awareness. Our speaker, Julia talked us through lessening water usage, how dam levels are going down, how there is a lot of water stored underground called aquifers, erosion and water pollution. After all of that we talked about how water moves faster through looser particles than fixed particles. Then we made water pumps out of syringes, small balls and a straw, while Julia explained to us what an Archimedes screw is and how it works. I enjoyed the whole talk and would like to have another one


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