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The Blackborough Spruit
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Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 25 January 2018
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Our MiniSASS complete!
Our MiniSASS complete!

On Monday the 4th of December, our dynamic Litter Pick-up Team were rewarded for their hard work and commitment in keeping our School area clean. Accompanied by Bridget from Water Explorers, Mr James and Ms Cawood, these learners enjoyed conducting a MiniSASS (Mini Stream Assessment Scoring System) experiment at the

Blackborough Spruit which runs behind the Hayfields 24 Hour Spar and Engen Garage. Upon arrival, we were challenged to observe our surroundings which became an

indicator of the various types of pollution at this stream. We then picked up all the litter that we could find along the way to the stream. Once at the stream, we carefully collected macroinvertebrates which, with the MiniSASS tools and a scientific equation, determines the cleanliness of the water. Although this stream appears to be clean and full of life (we saw birds, tadpoles, crabs and other insects at this river), according to our Assessment, the condition of this stream is in fact poor. Scottsville School are proud to have adopted this stream and we look forward to continue to monitor it, and to do our best to reduce the pollution here and ultimately to keep it clean.

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