South Africa
Loving our Wetlands this Valentines
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 15 February 2018

February is the month of love and wetlands. Our water explorers celebrated Valentines day in an unsual way this year. We learned about the value and importance of wetlands and how crucial they are in our lives. Valentines Day should be as much about loving our planet and water as it is about loving each other!

Wetlands do amazing things for us. They: 

Filter and clean our water

Store our water and prevent flooding

And they provide an important habitat for thousands of wetland plants and animals. In SA our 3 crane species, Wattled Crane, Crowned crane and the Blue crane depend on wetlands for nesting sites too.

We were amazed that wetlands do all of these things for free. We tried to build a filter that mimicked wetlands to see if we could get some really dirtly water clean. It wasnt that easy and we soon appreciated how much effort and money is spent on water treatment plants to get our water clean. We have been lucky enough to visit a water treatment plant near Calton so know what it takes.

When then made mini posters of love and appreciation of our wetlands for Valentines Day 



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