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2L Bottle - Water Saving Innovation
Posted by Woodridge Preparatory School, South Africa on 23 March 2018
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Step 1: Collect as many 2L bottles with lids as you can.

Step 2: Collect as many Straws/Plastic Pipes as you can

Step 3: Ask Mom or Dad for some Marine Glue or Hot Glue/Ask them to Help You too

Step 4: Ask Dad/Mom/Teacher to drill a little hole (the size of your straw) into the bottom of the 2L Bottle

Step 5: Stick the straw into the hole so that it sticks out about 10cm. About 4 cm should protrude into the bottle itself

Step 6: Seal the pipe into place with Marine Glue or Hot Glue, so that it does not leak. Prestik works too, but only temporarily.

Step 7: Once Your bottle is dry and the glue is set - About 24 Hours, you are good to go

Step 8: Fill your bottle with 2Litres of Water, and put the lid on. Hold the front of the straw to block it.

Step 9: When you would like to use the water, turn the lid of the bottle, as you would a tap, and watch the water Flow.

What Can you do with this water?

1. You can wash your hands

2.. You can Brush your teeth

3. You can rinse your veggies

4. You can water your small potplants

5. You can rinse your cutlery Lastly - If you can make a few of these bottles, it would be great to share them with your Community, Friends, Family, Neighbors and show them how it works. They will love the idea and appreciate your effort in showing them something new. Make sure to Recycle any waste or leftover materials.

The Class learned a lot about Water Saving, and enjoyed working together as a team. Everybody was delighted with the final product, and thought it was a very clever idea!

18 Water Explorers participated in the making and 150 heard about it and saw our inventions 

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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