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Water warriors
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Posted by Amanzimtoti Primary, South Africa on 26 March 2018
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Water Warriors 2018

For the month of March, the learners in Grade 5 did a water awareness project. The learners were asked to record their water usage for one day, using water as they normally would. They were then asked to record another day where they try to use the water sparingly. We then had a class discussion about our findings for the two days. Many of the learners found it very hard to reduce their water usage for the second day. These learners felt that they were already using water sparingly. To the learners’ amazement, we learnt about how much water we are actually waste, although we may think that we don’t. The learners discussed things such as having a bath or a shower. Some learners felt that showering for over 10 minutes is not a problem, as long as you don’t bath. Their mind set was that any duration of time for a shower is okay, as long as you don’t bath. The learners also spoke about washing the dishes throughout the day, instead of just once. They found that washing the day’s dishes at the end of the day saves more water than keeping the tap running while they wash the dishes at various times of the day. We discussed various things in class and then the learners were divided into groups and given various tasks to complete. The Learners had to calculate how much water they are using on average, as a group. They put this into a droplet table form. They then had to make an A3 poster on the various ways we discussed in class about how they can save water, starting with small things and then going onto the bigger things. As an added activity the learners learnt about the water cycle and why it is important to us. The learners then had to draw the water cycle on an A4 piece of paper, with the correct label’s. The learners thoroughly enjoyed this activity and have started making conscious efforts to reduce water wastage.

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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