South Africa
Grey Water
Posted by Applewood, South Africa on 28 March 2018
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As Water Explorers, we are aware that it is very important to recycle water, from your bathtub, shower, etc.

Water that has already been used is called Grey Water.

The Third Graders here at Applewood have their own vegetable garden. Collaborating with them, we used grey water collected from home to water their plants. We were split into groups, spreading across the garden and making sure every plant recieved some nourishment.  So as not to waste water, we cupped our hands and used them as watering cans, using less water in one spot.

Once we had finished, we spoke to the Grade Threes about Grey Water, and made them promise to recycle water from now onwards. Next year's Third Graders have a lot of work on their hands!

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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