South Africa
What are you doing to make your school water smart?
Posted by Nonqanda primary, South Africa on 28 March 2018

Here at Nonquanda Primary school is the valley of 1000 hills we are working tirelessly to make sure that every precious drop of water is saved, not just during world water week but through the whole year. These are just some of the system changes we have made to ensure our school is more water smart. After attending the Water Explorer intro workshop at Isithumba, we learnt that a lot of water is wasted if we allow the children to wash or drink from an open tap. Instead, all the classrooms now have buckets for washing their dishes and we use bar soap instead of liquid soap to reduce a foamy residue. The toilet bowls are cleaned with grey water rather than fresh water. During breaks, we switch off the taps and only allow the children to drink from water bowls. Rainwater from the tanks that are not so clean is used only for washing sports clothing and cleaning saving our tap water for drinking. We are doing our best to be a Water Explorer school in every respects, what are you doing?

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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