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Some Results Of Our Survey
Posted by Amazing GIG, South Africa on 18 May 2018
My Survey Graphs
My Survey Graphs

We did a survey at Hermanus Library on Friday 11 May. Most of the people were retired and middle class. 31 people finished a survey, and some people chose more than one answer.

These are some interesting things I saw in the survey.  

Most people use grey water from the bathroom to water plants, or to flush the loo. Only 5 people don’t reuse the grey water from the bathroom.

When brushing teeth, only one person keeps the tap on. Everyone else just uses a little water from the tap, or uses a cup to limit the water used. 

This is how people save water in the shower: 14 people use a bucket to collet grey water, 12 people use stop-start showers, and 8 people shower in 2 minutes or less. Some people do more than one thing to save water in the shower.

While people are waiting for hot water to come out of the tap to wash dishes, only 3 people let it run down the drain. The rest catch it and use it for something else. 

28 people answered the question about their gutter run-off. 12 people just let the rain run out of the gutter. Only16 people catch the rain water in rain tanks.

I felt happy that so many people were saving water, but I was not happy when 12 people let the rain come out there gutter. I think more people should catch the rain water and use it for some thing else.

By Chanell (Age 10)

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