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Global Water Explorers Unite : Turkey meets South Africa
Posted by Bridget RIngdahl on 21 May 2018

Learners from Mjila Primary School near Ixopo in Kwazulu-Natal, were delighted by the generous outreach made by Balikiova Secondary School in Turkey who dedicated their Global fundraiser to support a South African Water Explorer team.  Mjila were the chosen recipients due to their incredible enthusiasm and great activity in the WE programme over a very short period.

Food security is a big issue in SA, one of the motives for many learners to go to school is to get a good meal, which may not always be possible at home. With this in mind, the generous donation of R650 was used to buy heirloom (non GM ) seeds of 22 different varieties to add to their food garden. We also managed to get each learner of the team a lovely re-usable glass drinking bottle -this was a real treat.  A raingauge, some garden trowels and compost were also bought.

Sisanda Mzizi, one of the team members said “it is great to be in touch with a Water Explorer team from another country, we can also learn about their challenges. I cant wait to grow some of these seeds in my own garden at home”. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a good signal to connect our Water Explorer laptop to show the team, the members of Balokiova, but this didn’t stop them from getting onto writing a thank you letter immediately! Teshi Kuller Ederim Su Kasifi Turkey! 


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