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Watch your water wastage!
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Posted by Manor Gardens Primary School, South Africa on 22 May 2018
PowerPoint presentation shown to school in a follow-up assembly
PowerPoint presentation shown to school in a follow-up assembly

Water Explorer – audit activity with Julia on 30 January 2018

Today Julia from Water Explorer came to talk to the grade sixes about water and how to save it. First, we talked about how much water we waste. Then we were put into groups and each group had to audit one person about how much water they use in a day. We then talked about saving water and how precious it is to us. Last of all we each had to write a pledge of how we were going to save water.

  • Yaasir Sultan


Today we had a talk about water and how to save it. We learnt about Cape Town’s drought and that the people in Cape Town only have 50 litres a day. We can save water by taking shorter showers or if someone needs to use the toilet after you, you don’t need to flush but wait for the other person to use it, then flush. We also can do challenges to earn points. The school with the most points gets to go to England.

  • Aryan Ramouthar

Today Julia from Water Explorer came to our school to talk to the grade sixes about the “Water Explorer” programme.

We had to do an activity in groups. We had to discuss and estimate how much water we use in a day doing things like showering, bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, brushing teeth and using the toilet.

It turns out that we use up too much water in one day. So at the end of “I-need-to-talk-to-my-mom-about-our-tap” discussion, we all wrote a pledge to save water some how. I learned a lot today and it’s helped me see how wasteful we are. I hope everyone learned as much as I did and I hope we can all help to make a better “waterer” world.

  • Athabile Shange

Today Julia from Water Explorer visited us and spoke to us about saving water, challenges, competitions and the problems in South Africa at the moment. We learnt many ways to save water, like take a shorter shower, use bath water to water plants, and the rule ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.’

I know and I think everyone realises how much water we really use and that we need to start being waterwise. For example, every time you flush the toilet you use 13 litres, when you shower you use 12 litres per minute, and every time you use the dishwasher you use 100 litres. I usually shower for 5 minutes or so which would use 60 litres of water, so I’ve pledged to take shorter showers.

  • Robyn Wijne

Today we went to the Audio Visual room to learn how important water is. We learnt that 3% of the water on earth is fresh water and 97% of the water is salt water. The whole class found out that Cape Town is scarce on water. We did an activity about a water audit and found out that we use more than 656 litres of water a day. The class learnt that without water we will die. We need to protect this precious resource that God gave us.

  • Samir Roberts

Today Julia from Water Explorer came to talk to us about saving water. I learned about different ways that we can use water for more than one thing. We can use water from the shower to flush the toilet. We could use water from baths to pour onto the garden.

I enjoyed the activity we got involved in and how Julia told us how bad the drought is in Cape Town. Everybody is trying to save water now that we’ve see how Cape Town is coping.

  • Amy Welsh

I love Water Explorer. It taught me how to save water and Julia told us about water that did not even exist in some products – like 2 700 litres are used to make one t-shirt. Also Julia showed us examples of how much water is left and how I need to save more water.

It was fun learning about how much water we use every day. Our group studied Connor and he uses over 97 litres of water in a day. The little maps we were given were so helpful so that we can learn how to save water in a fun way and I am happy to be a part of Water Explorer.

  • Willow Arnold

Today we spoke about how we should use water and not waste it. We learnt how much water we use in a regular day. We also did an exercise where we had to audit a person and record how many litres of water they use per day. I think it was a good idea to use grey water to water our gardens. The talk was really helpful and interesting.

  • Lulama Mthombeni

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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