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Water-full Paper
Posted by Oasis Prep, South Africa on 23 May 2018
Paper makers!
Paper makers!

At our Enviro Club on Friday, 4th May, Mrs Ringdahl visited our club and first gave us a chat session on how much water was used to grow a tree and produce paper.  Eleven children ranging from Gr 1 to Gr 6, learned the steps of Paper making then sorted illustrations to teach the order of the steps involved.  Then we mixed waste paper with water and some zebra dung and squished it all into a porridge.  Each child had a turn to turn some of the porridge onto a grid  which was then pressed to get most of the water out.  Then a thin cloth was used as a backing and more water was squeezed out.  Some sprinkled a few dry seeds and grass into the paper to give it more character. All the pieces of paper were then left in the sun to dry out thoroughly. 

On Monday when we arrived at school we were delighted to find the thin cloth peeled off the dry paper very easily and a good example of homemade paper was seen.  The exercise was fun, very informative and rewarding, as each child has a piece of hand-made paper to make a Mother’s Day Card.

Recyling at Oasis Prep

Each classroom has a rubbish bin and a Recycling Bin which is clearly marked.  These are also in the Staff Room and Multipurpose room and the Computer Room.  Throughout the day these bins are used and Recycle Bins are emptied once or twice a week into large bins which are then fetched by Wildlands each month.  The classes have a weekly roster giving each class a turn to empty the Recycle Bins. Each year when Wildlands attends a  Friday Assembly, we are amazed at how many tons of recycled material has been collected.

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

Water Explorer is a Global Action Plan initiative
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