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A little message of thanks to Water Explorer and Spekboom Tours.
Posted by Dweshula Primary, South Africa on 4 December 2018

Since being donated R1400 from Spekboom Tours charity hike  we have manage to fix all the gutters and down pipes,and the new stands for Jojo tanks near the office area. We have  bought a very long water pipe of which we will connect to the nearest tap once it's working so we will fill up the 4 Jojo tanks near the office in that way we will have at least 4 Jojo tanks full of clean water that will be safe for drinking ,We are also waiting for the guy who will fix the other remaining tanks and to replace with new taps.When all of this is finish we will be able to save at least 30 litres of water that were leaking.

I would recommend WE to every school, cause with their help we have started to take care of the water if they see a leak tap they make sure to report it. We have had report from grade 1 parents saying they told them about the importance of saving water.we have started to monitor the use of water in our school,We make sure that each grade has at least one 25 litre bucket to be filled with drinking water,We have chosen two learner s in each grade to make sure that there is water for drinking in the class and they are the only ones who can fetch the water from the tank and make sure it is locked afterwards.W.E make sure that we understand what is expected of us by their great support they show., they visit the schools and do some of the challenges with the kids involved in this program of which they immensely enjoy,We have learnt safe ways of getting rid of garden pests that destroys our plants without killing them.W.E do get involve in seeing that the school get as much help as they can to save water,we have been fortunate in our school by getting donation from Spekboom Tours  that really helps with the fixing of our tanks. W.E open our eyes as a teacher on the importance of taking care of our environment even in our own home we don't just misuse water, we now make sure that we do everything we can to save water. all thanks to Water Explorer programme.



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