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Hamburgers are the guilty culprits
Posted by Luhana Primary, South Africa on 20 February 2019
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Today Mrs Rafebe tackled the Water We Eat challenge they learnt about last year for this year’s new batch of eager water explorers. Using a serious of different food cards learners explored which meals get a tick and which meals get a big red cross for a water wise criterion. Hamburgers they learnt consume a whooping 2700 litres of secret or hidden water. Initially the children though that it was the lettuce and tomato racking up a big water bill, but they soon learnt that processed meat such as a hamburger patty are the guilty culprits. Meat on average using 8 times the water and 160 the land per calories produced than any other grains or vegetables. If we are all going to work towards a sustainable future, we must all learn to get by on a lot less meat.



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