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Greening our school
Posted by Sipha Green Buddies, South Africa on 20 February 2019

The learners are taking good care of their Moringa plants . The grey water challenge as well has started and they are bringing their grey water as well as empty containers to collect their grey water from each and every class .We decided to do it that way as an educational campaign so that the whole school to be involved in the process . They enjoy washing their dishes and saving their water since we are facing water challenges in our area from last year as we don’t have tap water at all and we have to rely on our grey water to water our plants and use tank water for drinking.

: The Moringa project is coming great and we are now waiting patiently for the plants to come up .The learners are excited about the fact that they are growing trees from the seeds . it is a wonderful and exciting for them to be part of such an exciting and experiential project

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