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Transforming our gardens

Given Obed Mlaba is a newly built school in the Valley of 1000 Hills surround by many alien invasive plants like Latana, Peanut-Butter Cassia and Wattle, our first priority is to tackled the alien invasives on our new property and replace them with indigenous varieties that will not only beautify our school but boast the biodiversity and wildlife in our valley. Given the lesson that Julia did about alien plants and the impacts on tourism and agriculture we decided to combine our grade 11 agri/ tourism class with the eco-club and together with 2 educators and Sifiso, our local gardener and another chap from the Kloof Conservancy we set around establishing not only a fenced off vegetable garden but also a feature garden of Bromelias, Dietes, Aloes , Crussulas and Cotyledons. The 15 donated trees were planted to line the driveway. The next day we presented a talk on our work at assembly to inform learners, educators and the wider community. Learners must now play an active role in constantly removing alien plants and talking to the community about the disastrous consequences on our water and biodiversity.

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