South Africa
What’s in the Water? World Water Day Celebration
Posted by Luhana Primary, South Africa on 19 March 2019
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On this significant day our WATER NAVIGATORS did the miniSASS stream test on a local stream 5min walk from our school with Bridget and 31 Explorers. Explorers and educators were so excited to learn about how special and important macro-invertebrates are to river health. We collected crabs, dragonfly, mayfly and damsel fly nymphs. We used a magnifying glass to see and identify the small animals. For the first time learners learned about the quality of the water in their stream and are committed to do the test another 3 times this year. Our score was rather low 4,  indicating poor condition which can be attributed to cattle, some water pollution from the homesteads too. The good thing this could actually easily be improved on as we have no factories or big polluters in the area as we are very rural area.

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