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World Water Day Celebration
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 22 March 2019
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We involved our whole school on an action-packed morning learning about all sorts of water related activities. Some of these included : Learners did water footprint - calculating the amount of water they use per day. They pasted them on the wall. Penny from uMgeni water board came and did water quiz with the learners. A gentleman from DUCT taught how mini Sass done and its importance. Showing tools used and how they are used. Crane foundation teaching about alien invasive plants and the importance of taking care of water sources. Ayanda Grade 9 learner explaining how eco bricks are made as well as the importance of making them. She explained the positive impact it makes to our land, rivers, dams and the sea. It was well explained. A trashion stand _ a learner showed others the creative way of reducing waste on land that pollution our rivers and the ocean. They also explained the dangers of plastic in the aquatic animals, A learner - Zolani explaining and showing a demonstration of how water cycle takes place. A group of learners did a drama about the municipality who dumped litter in the river and the community members were angry  protested against municipality mayor demanding river to be cleaned and stop polluting water because fishes are dying and they are their source of food.



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