South Africa
The Eco-brick thing
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 15 May 2019


Since we are plastic free school, we mainly focus on plastic pollution. So we decided that we must make eco bricks to reduce plastic pollution in our homes and our community. When we make eco bricks, we put plastics inside a 2l bottle and then use a stick to shove them in., apply the same process until the bottle is hard like a brick. We don’t use papers because they are biodegradable meaning the can be rotten easily. In total we made 136 eco bricks and we are still in a process of making more of them, once we are done we are going to use them to make chairs since at school we are short of chairs because the number of learners has increased from 615 in 2018 to 699 in 2019.

Ayanda Shabalala Grade 9

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

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