South Africa
Flower Fun!

The Grade Ones experimented with different coloured water and white hydrangeas to show that flowers do in fact ‘drink’ water and how it reaches each little petal! We picked three white hydrangeas and placed one in water that had not been altered. We added green food colouring to another cup of water and red food colouring to a third cup, placing flowers in each. We then observed the flowers over the following few days and watched the white petals slowly change colour, as the flowers soaked up the water! It was interesting for us to note that the green water affected the hydrangea the quickest, while the red water took a few days to change the colour of the flower and when it did so, it was very slight. Interestingly, the flowers in the coloured water lasted much longer than the flower in the normal water!! Lots of fun was had as we tracked the change of each flower and it was a good visual reminder for the children of the effect of water on flowers and how vital it is for all plants, especially when they are still in the garden!


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