South Africa
TURTLE clean-up
Posted by Scottsville School, South Africa on 27 May 2019
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23 May 2019 was World Turtle Day, and our Grade 3 class were very excited to celebrate this special occasion with Bridget from Water Explorers. We brought grey water to school and we poured it on the plants - we collected 44 litres of grey water on Thursday and 9 litres on Friday. We are going to encourage the rest of the school to bring grey water for the winter season, because it is very dry...we don't want our gardens to look dry! We learnt about cleaning water, and how it's done at the water plants. It was a long process to clean water. We split into teams, and we built filters with materials such as: sand, cotton wool, gravel, grass, netting and 2 litre bottles cut in half. We poured dirty water into our filters to see which team made the cleanest water... One of the teams lost faith in their system because it was dripping very slowly, but there's was the cleanest in the end - and the fullest -even though it took the longest time. Thank you, Bridget, for teaching us about water and how to keep it clean. We had a wonderful time and appreciate you coming here. We will keep it up!

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