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Sustainability- its all about giving more than taking
Posted by Muntuza Full Service, South Africa on 27 May 2019
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Today we learned about the concept of sustainability. This means taking care of our planet’s natural resources so that our planet can take care of us!! Without a healthy planet with fresh air to breath and clean water to drink we and future generations are doomed. We need to ensure that natural resources like water and trees are managed in a sustainable way so that there is enough for future generations to come. We need to stop thinking of only our needs today but the needs of the planet and people to come. With a short introduction to the concept of sustainability, some of our learners were interviewed on their interpretation of the concept for an up-coming UN program, The Search for Sustainable schools. We then discussed ways in which we can be more sustainable like reusing, reducing, recycling and rethinking the ways in which we deal with waste. Looking more specifically at the papermaking process, we realized that recycling not only saves water but energy, natural resources like trees and our landfill sites and dumps for yet more waste. We then reused our old newspaper to make some stunning newspaper baskets. One mans trash really is one man’s treasure!!

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