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In nature there is no such thing as waste!!
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 27 May 2019
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Sustainability means to maintain or keep. Environmental sustainability means to take care of our environment, use our natural resources carefully and consider the needs of future generations. That was the topic of days lesson. We then looked at ways in which we can live a more meaningful and environmentally conscious life. We learnt that in nature, there is no such thing as waste, everything in nature is circulated, old life gives way to new life and everything has a time and a place. What we think of as waste like dead animals and dung is only one link in a complex food chain. Scavengers clean up their environment, decomposers breakdown rotten trees to return nutrients to the soil and innovative dung beetles make their home our of faecal waste. Nothing in natures goes to waste. Human society, on the other hand, are wastefully beyond measure. In a consumer-driven linear society based on buy, throw away and buy again we are living in a very unsustainable livelihood, natural resources are being depleted whilst our landfill sites are mounting higher. We looked at how recycling our waste and learning to reduce and reuse the stuff we already have we can help to restore natural balance!! After playing a recycling game to learn the different streams of waste ( plastic, paper, cardboard, newspaper, tin, glass and organics) we then learnt about the energy/water consuming steps of the papermaking process. By recycling our paper, learnt that that we do not have to grow the trees, debark, chip and boil the wood chips saving massive amounts of water, energy, resources and pollution!! We loved upcycling old carboard boxes to make snazzy bead bracelets.



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