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Water wise ways to recycle thirsty paper
Posted by Mansfield Primary School, South Africa on 29 May 2019
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We started today's lesson with an awareness of how we can sustain our environment through the use of the 4 x R’s Reuse, Reduce,Recyle and Rethink!!  Each child was excepted to give one example of how they plan to implement the R’s in their own lives. One child said that when he weighs his banana’s in the shop, we do not have to put the bunch of bananas in yet another plastic bag!! This helps to reduce the waste we generate. We then did the Thirsty Paper challenge for the WE secret water mission. We focussed on how paper is made and how recycling helps to reduce the amount of energy, water and natural resources and pollution used to make a virgin product. We then started to make newspaper baskets but with the n2 protests, time was not our friend and the children had to postpone their activity until next week. We had been steadily collecting bags of white paper to be recycled. Definitely extra bonus points for us!!

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