South Africa
Free building materials - Ecobricks
Posted by Heather Secondary School, South Africa on 24 June 2019

In 2018,The Heather Secondary School's Eco Club took on a challenge to build benches for our school. We decided to hold a competition amongst the classes to see who could make the most eco-bricks. This challenge inspired and motivated our learners. Ultimately it brought our school closer and made us more eco-friendly. We collected over 50 Eco-Bricks! We were thrilled with this result.

On June 13th 2019,our eco-club decided to finish our mission.Our learners proved their dedication to the club by labouring long and with much effort. We were delighted to see the unity of the club. This day was a huge success,it even motivated our helpful teachers to join in and help us complete our project. We hope this is the first of many encounters in which we build bridges with the eco-bricks for the foundation of our future endeavors.

-Taniksha Jugrdew (9A)

(On behalf of the eco-club and entire school I would like to thank you for all your help. I can't imagine how the day would have went without you. Words can not describe our appreciation and admiration for you. We look forward to your return to our school and seeing our finished project.)

With kind regards

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