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Update from SA's Top Team 2018 - Ebomvini Oasis
Posted by Ebomvini Primary , South Africa on 24 June 2019

EBomvini school would like to thank all W/E team , Provincial n National , UK Manager, to gave us an opportunity of exploring n presenting ourselves in Nature conservatjon. With the prize monies from 2018 we won we did following :-
(a). We bought 2 large jojo tanks.
(b). Medium grey water tank.
(c). 9 black bins for each classrooms.
(c). 2 large green recycling bins with wheels.
(d). Different colours of oil paint for our outdoor furniture. ( green , blue, white).
(e). Lastly it was our dream to do a recycling station, this project is on pipeline as we already have the site .
The school benefited as we all know that South Africa is facing a crisis of drought, as we bought jojo tanks to collect rain water, and also grey water tank for used water from the cooks in kitchen.
Sooner our dream will be fullfilled by having a recycling station, even the conmunity will benefit .

We have also just re-muclched our vege garden for winter planting and are expanding our eco-brick out door benches. We have cleaned our pond and ensured that it will be safe guarded as an important part of our permaculture garden! 

Local Partner African Conservation Trust

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