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Discovering actual figures of daily water use
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And so our research continued. We had to reinact the different water uses we identified (see newsreel) below and then measure and calculate the usage according to the activity. For an example if all our learners at our school washed their hands under running taps - we would use 12  5000litre jojo tanks per year just to keep our hands clean!!!!!! So this was rather shocking and made us realise, how even just what one perceives to be a little water adds up to a huge amount. 

Another example we worked out that if every learner drank under a running tap we would waste 3 5000 litre Jojo tanks worth of water in 1 mths - work that out for a year now! Soutions are simple - USE A BOTTLE IN THIS INSTANCE AND SAVE 3 JOJO TANKS OF WATER/mth INSTEAD!! 

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