South Africa
Its getting hot in here!! Turn off all the lights
Posted by Pitlochry Primary School, South Africa on 29 August 2019

The Grade 6 learners at Pitochry Primary School turned up the heat with a fun-filled Battle of the Sexes-type  competition designed to consolidate facts learned at the interactive workshop on Climate Change conducted by Julia. The workshop focused on the Green House Effect and how we can reduce the production of Greenhouse gases. Learners calculated their carbon footprint by recording the amount of electricity that they used each day. They ended the workshop by creating mini biomes in a bottle. Each learner got to plant their own Spekboom plants which were later placed in the school garden. The members of the Eco Club intend on growing a Spekboom hedge around the school garden plot as part of their ongoing effort to erase their carbon footprint.

Thank you for coming over. The kids loved the climate change workshop. I will be showing the power point to the other grade 6 classes after our exams...will definitely include your mother earth- blanket illustration which was so effective.

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