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Fishing for bugs
Posted by MPHEHPHETHA PS, South Africa on 29 August 2019
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Today Mphephetha was visited by Julia. We learnt about the Mini SASS, we learnt about different groups of insects and which ones are found in rivers that are in good conditions whilst others are found in rivers in a bad condition. We learnt how to use a dichotomous key to work out different features in identifying and classing these macro-invertebrates. Key diagnostic features like a number of prong tails, gills and body morphology. This will help us when it comes to practising the mini sass in a real river. Children will also be able to educate the community about the mini SASS. We also wrote letters asking for assistance to improve or possibly build more toilets. We learnt that when writing a request letter we need to break our letters into paragraphs each discussing a different topic- An introduction to contextualise the issue,  a motivation as to who this business should support your school toilet project as well as a specific request Exp: we need 2 more toilets and a concluding paragraph thanking the person who is reading the letter for their efforts and concern. The tone should always be formal and respectful. These request letters I hope will bring something positive.

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