South Africa
Small people can make a big difference
Posted by Mansfield Primary School, South Africa on 29 August 2019

This lesson on climate change was very productive. With a fun game matching the cards with a given clue, learners were able to understand the science, impacts, and solutions to climate change discussed in the class before. It was heartening learning about this Brave girl, Greta Thunberg who has become a global voice against climate change. Instead of falling into a depression and feeling despondent about choices that were out of her control, she decided to take action for her future by organizing a world-wide school strike to petition for better laws regulating the use of fossil fuels. She has taken the decision to stand outside Swedish Parliament ever Friday until Sweden decides to comply with the Paris agreement. She has taught us all that Small people can certainly make big differences.

We were also very excited to learn about Spekboom and its role in our fight against climate change. These miraculous plants not only leaves the soil in a better condition but is tasty, full of vitamin C and helps to absorb lots of CO2 to offset our carbon emissions. Some farmers are now being paid by government and business to farm Spekboom instead of livestock!! What a wonderful idea.

We were then tasked with an activity to calculate our carbon footprint in the electricity we use for 1 day. Did you know for every 1 KWH we emit almost 1 kg of carbon dioxide? By saving electricity and using solar power instead we therefore cut back on CO2 emissions.

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