South Africa
Wetlands challenge
Posted by Danville Park Girls' High School, South Africa on 8 September 2019
Wetland posters and model
Wetland posters and model

Thirty Environmental Society pupils from all grades took part in this challenge. A discussion was first held asking pupils what a wetland is, the different types of wetlands and why wetlands are important. Pupils had a surprising amount of prior knowledge on the topic. We then discussed how wetlands work to clean up water and the benefits of wetlands to humans, the environment and the wetland organisms. We also discussed the importance of the RAMSAR convention in conserving wetlands. 

Information leaflets on wetlands were then handed out. Pupils were then each asked to design a poster to highlight one of the reasons why wetlands are important. These were displayed on the Environmental notice board.

Pupils also make models to demonstrate how a wetland works – with sand, stones, grass and a coke bottle.

The grade 10 Life Sciences pupils visit the Beachwood Mangrove as an example of a wetland in the 3rd term.

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