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Bees doing their best
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Posted by Animalia Learning Center, South Africa on 20 September 2019

.Our bee mentor Andrew Fleming of Inyosi honey came today for our first check this season for potential 1st honey harvest. White house box full up with very healthy swarm, busy making honey and started capping in super but not quite ripe as all cells in a tray have to be capped b4 we can harvest. Placed a 2nd super on top so hive can expand without swarming (splitting in 2 and one leaves). April rain storms apparently washed lotsa pollen off plants hence most hives around not yet yielding much if any honey. 2nd box nr 23 happily working yet not quite filled base box yet so we took off super. 3rd box nr 40 still empty so Andrew hung catch box on pecan nut tree nearer our citrus orchard, will keep eyes peeled on that one regularly for sure. No borer beetles in any boxes, just wax moth and ants in empty box but nothing bad will sprinkle cinnamon there tomorrow to chase ants out. Nature, sustainable food and being her custodians is a patiently loving living life thing indeed. How blessed we are...

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